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Ben Taylor wins 2 events back to back!
Ben Taylor's mental work with Dr. Bob is paying off in two wins in the past two weeks! The Englishman won the West Florida Winter Haven Championship with a fine round of 67 and won the MGA event at Champions Gate the following week with a two day total of 134, eight under par after firing rounds of 66-68. Great job Ben!
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Dr. Bob Creates Winners
Dr. Bob Winters Creates Winners

Whatever your aspirations, whatever your goals … YOU too can tap the power and become the
success you've always wanted to be.

Unlike any other sports psychologist performance consultant in the country, Dr. Bob has an academic
and experiential background that allows him to really understand what it means to be an athlete
or performer at every level.

Winning isn't just about winning the trophy or coming in first, it's about feeling good about yourself
and the quality of the effort you put in to your sport or climbing your own personal ladder of success. With Dr. Bob on your team, it truly is possible to make winning a reality.

Realize the value of mental and emotional
skills training to gain the edge and Start Winning Today!

Sports Performance
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