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"Change Your Mind... Change Your Game"
The World's Leading Mental Conditioning Coach

Dr. Bob Sports psychology is a valuable tool if you go about it the right way and make it work for you. It's not easy, it's difficult and sometimes laborious but if you have determination, persistence, and tenacity, it will add an invaluable essence to your game and life.

The greatest performers in the world recognize the
value of mental and emotional skills training
because they realize it gives them the winning edge.

Everyone has access to great information, and to personal performance coaches, however, at some point in time they are going to ask themselves, does this performance sports psychologist really understand what it means to be an athlete or performer at my level?

What sets Dr. Bob apart …

  • He has been a junior, high school, collegiate, and professional athlete
  • He has performed as a college coach and has worked with over 25 different university sports teams over the last 30 years as a consultant
  • He has also performed as a professional model, actor, and musician
  • His love for helping people - evident by the many long lasting relationships he has established
  • His undivided attention to each and every athlete, each and every corporate client, business client, and personal performance client
  • He is there when you need him most
  • He has been trained by some of the best and most highly respected academic and research professionals in the domains of sport psychology, motor learning, sports vision and sports medicine.

Having this unique experiential background makes Dr. Bob unlike any other sports psychologist performance consultant in the world.

Dr. Bob's personal pledge: Dr. Bob on the links
"I cannot guarantee success for you, what I do pledge is my commitment to helping you go after your dreams, and helping you achieve effectiveness. I will give you 100% commitment if you can commit 100% to me and my investment in you. It is a two way street. I cannot guarantee another person's performance I do guarantee that I will honor my commitment to you as my client and give you the highest quality service and dedication to help you reach your goals. My word is my bond."

Dr. Robert K Winters, affectionately known as Dr. Bob, specializes in sports and personal performance training. He holds a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology from The University of Virginia, a B.S. and Master of Arts degree from Ball State University. He has extensive training in sports psychology, motor and visual learning, sports vision, sports medicine, and educational psychology.

Dr. Bob enjoys the following professional affiliations:
American Psychological Association (Division 47)
American Counseling Association
American College of Sports Medicine
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
National Association of Golf Coach Educators
Resident Sport Psychologist / David Leadbetter World Teaching Headquarters
Special Consultant / Price - Shepler Sports Vision Center
Contributor for World Scientific Congress of Golf Trust
Director of Golf Instruction - NIKE Golf Schools (since 1994)

Dr. Bob on the links Educational Institutions Dr. Bob has served as a consultant for:
Ball State University
Clemson University
The Golf Academy of the South
Florida Southern College
Illinois State University
Indiana University
Indiana Wesleyan University
Longwood College
Methodist College
Purdue University
University of Central Florida
University of Notre Dame
University of Virginia
Wake Forest University
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
University of Memphis
University of Mississippi
University of Kentucky
University of Richmond
Baylor School (Prep School)
McCallie (prep school)

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