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Dr. Bob creates National Amateur Champions!

Steven Fox Wins US AMATEUR! Drew Weaver with his 2007 British Amateur trophy Chris Robb holding the Scottish Amateur Trophy

Athletes competing at the collegiate and amateur levels share some common obstacles in their pursuit of personal greatness. In addition to facing much stiffer levels of competition, the time requirements they face and external demands become much more difficult to cope with.

Dr. Bob's approach requires that the first thing to be addressed is time management.

Memphis Golf Team

Are you giving yourself the proper amount of practice and preparation time?

Florida Southern Women's Golf Team

Are you giving yourself proper nutrition?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting your studies done?

For student athletes that is what has to be done first. You have to have your studies done, and done well so when you go to perform, you're not distracted worrying about them.

Amateurs face similar demands such as;

Are you getting along at your place of employment?

Do your friends and family support your endeavor?

Neither have the time to spend honing their skills in the same way that top elite athletes do so the prioritization of their time is vital.

Without learning proper time management, infiltration from one department to another can have a domino effect that usually results in a negative anxiety spiral.

Jonathan Moore being interviewed after winning 2006 NCAA Golf Championship That is to say, you don't get enough sleep so your school work suffers. Now you're tired and worrying about your grades, which in turn affects your sports performance.

It's not just about the physical preparation...

it's about the physical, mental and emotional preparation.

Dr. Bob helps athletes adapt to the interferences and distractions that they are not accustomed to.

Collegiate athletes face obvious climatic, geographical, and overall schedule demands, but there are also powerful issues such as team cohesion, interpersonal and intersocial skills that must also be attended to.

Athletes and performers will benefit from learning how to:

  • Budget and build practice and training goals
  • Create process or performance goals
  • Set end of season, year end, and tournament goals
  • Institute mission or purpose statements for compliance and adherence
  • Develop a tournament day or performance day game plan
  • Deal with tension, doubt and anxiety
  • Develop personal intervention skills such as self talk and visualization
  • Utilize mental and emotional toughness techniques

Working with Dr. Bob will help you become mentally adaptable and mentally flexible through building your self trust and confidence.

Don't hesitate. It's about time you called Dr. Bob to help you perform better,
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Dr. Bob with his former coach at Ball State University, Earl Yestingsmeier and current Ball State coach, Mike Fleck.