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"Change Your Mind... Change Your Game"
The Psychology of Great Thinking - Empower Your People

CEO's...Managers...Staff members...we're all people.

When it comes to performance, i.e. the bottom line, some of the biggest errors that corporations suffer are errors in decision making, errors in human judgment.

Dr. Bob pointing at a diagram on an easel Dr. Bob has been performing corporate lectures for years to groups varying in size from ten to over a thousand. Regardless of the size of the group he has the enviable talent of making everyone in the audience feel as if “he is speaking to me”.

When Dr. Bob speaks, the message is different than you have ever heard before from an educational or motivational speaker. This is intentional. The message is different because Dr. Bob is different. The sports slant that is derived from his many years of successful athletic counseling is intended to be different because people identify with stories of realism and purposefulness. A message that will speak directly to them about their own issues and how they can embrace the difficulty and turn their professional troubles into success stories!

Dr. Bob's use of intriguing stories demonstrate how the simplicity and functionality of mental and emotional basics can be applied not only in business but in all aspects of one's life.

Recognizing that sometimes people and organizations develop attitudinal blockage, a hardening of the attitudes, Dr. Bob tries to help them understand to open up their minds and their personal philosophies enabling them to think great thoughts.

The benefits of mental coaching are clear,

Improved mental acuity
Improved confidence
Improved mental energy and endurance
Enhanced mental capacity
Enhanced thinking skills
Reduced stress, depression and anxiety
Reduced effects of professional "burn-out"
Better Team Cohesion and cooperation
Less professional jealousy
Improved communication

The end result is the overall enhanced performance of the corporation.

If your people aren't happy, if your people don't have drive, and can't communicate openly with each other, you've got squat!

Dr. Bob helps corporations develop strategies designed to continually keep management and operational teams motivated.

On the job mental and emotional skill training,
building confidence, building team cohesion,
building social and interpersonal relationships,
is every bit as important as R&D, marketing, and even sales.

There isn't one place or situation where the skills taught by Dr. Bob can't be applied effectively.

Click Here to get Dr. Bob to help your company or Call 407-340-7785 today.

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