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"Change Your Mind... Change Your Game"
100% Committed to Being a Part of Your Team

"There is no dream too big or too small
that I cannot get excited about being a part of."

- Dr. Bob

Experienced in working with over 25 different university sports teams and dozens of corporations, Dr. Bob's commitment to helping each of them go after their dreams is undeniable.

Memphis golf team

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga men's golf team - Southern Conference Championship

Dr. Bob talks to Circle Christian Academy golfers

Addressing the PGCC group
What you won't get in a Dr. Bob seminar: Mention the word team-building and watch people cringe. For years corporations have bought into oxymorons like ‘constructive criticism' and the use of age old cliché's such as ‘there's no I in team'. Well, you won't find them here.

What you will get: An incredibly creative, imaginative, and interactive presentation resulting in increased confidence, team cohesion, improved social and interpersonal relationships, and the understanding of team or group attainment.

ME Building - If it is to be, then let it begin with ME!

Dr. Bob's approach is not so much about team building but about me building - strengthening the team through building the foundation of its individuals.

By examining the group and individual dynamics, he helps organizations understand that not everyone has the same achievement drive, not everyone has the same needs and wants, and that having the right team members is every bit as important as having a team plan.

Regardless of the type of business, organization, or association you're with, your team will definitely benefit from Dr. Bob's mental toughness training seminars.

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