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Becoming a professional or achieving an elite athlete status inherently presents its own set of new and unique issues to deal with.

One of the biggest transitions that is a shock to most professionals (that don’t have agents or multi-million dollar sponsorships or endorsements) is that everything that was once done for you, first as a junior then as a collegiate athlete, you must now do yourself.

You now must manage yourself...who do you trust?

Dr. Bob speaks with Steve Marino about course strategy.
Dr. Bob speaks with Steve Marino about course strategy.

Now you have to worry about things such as money, travel, transportation, equipment, room and board, meals, money, securing sponsors, and practice. These are basic fundamental issues that have to be handled.

There’s also personal performance issues like;
How much should I practice?
Where should I practice?
Why should I practice?
Do I need a coach?
Who should I see?

Personal consultations with Dr. Bob can help you attain balance with your personal and athletic life.


Read what PGA professionals have to say about Dr. Bob

Dear Dr. Bob,
"What a pleasure it was to have you at Salisbury Country Club this past week! Your sincere approach to golf game wellness is really appreciated by everyone that you come into contact with. Teaching on the same tee with you made me feel proud to the golf instructor that I am. Your kind words, handshakes and smiles daily kept the atmosphere supercharged with positive energy. So many of our students here at the club have benefitted from your coaching. You have been an inspirational mentor to me, personally and I look forward to future meetings. Thank you again, for your visits and for all you do for the game and how we see ourselves playing it!"
- Adam Smith, PGA

Mike Hott and Dr. Bob

"Dr. Bob,
First of all, it was our pleasure and honor to have you in the Richmond area and specifically Salisbury Country Club. We (Adam and I), pride ourselves in keeping up to date and on the cutting edge of technology, information, and instruction. That being said, your series of presentations were by far the most outstanding that I have experienced. We have received many comments and emails thanking us for putting together such a comprehensive program."
- Mike Hott, PGA Professional, Salisbury CC

Elite athletes often suffer more from personal issues and emotional conflicts than actual performance dynamics or poor performance.

Doug Miller - 2006 Reimax National Long Drive Champion and Dr.bob client

Even if you’re the number one athlete in the world, you still have issues, both professional and personal. You are still a human being. These issues include the fear of failure and success, the fear of apathy and the love-hate relationship that you have with your sport. Even when you love what you do in your athletic life but it takes away from your personal time. It's when you say, "I know I'm great at my sport, but I'm tired, I hate to workout, I hate spring training or I am having problems at home. I know that once I get to the course or arena everything will be okay."

Immu Korvenmaa of Finland and Yayoi Garcia of Mexico are two of Dr. Bob's international tour players getting ready for tour schools here in the USA.  Dr. Bob is glad that you have joined our winning team!

Understand that you're not broken because you have this love-hate relationship. It is all a part of being human, of being mature and most of all, being a professional athlete. It's knowing that being professional means that your performance must go on. Even when things around you are falling apart, you must still be able to execute to the best of your talent.

Achieving balance in your personal
and social life is every bit as crucial
to your athletic success as it is to have competency in your physical
performance skills.

Dr. Bob helps the best of the best to understand what it means to be extraordinary and how to obtain the ultimate performance advantage.

You can learn the psychology of the elite performer and develop the psyche to dominate.

Dr. Bob can show you how to optimize your sensory systems for ultimate edge performance and play to a different level that supercedes and extends beyond what anyone else thought you could achieve.

If you want to think great, play great, and be great,
Click here or Call 407-340-7785 Today.

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