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"Change Your Mind... Change Your Game"
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Although technology has evolved the mental game is still relatively the same. It's the messenger who delivers the message who has changed!

Dr.Bob doing a presentation Internationally recognized, Dr. Robert K. Winters, affectionately know as Dr. Bob, is a hybrid unlike any other sports psychologist performance consultant in the country.

Currently the resident sports psychologist at the David Leadbetter World Headquarters, and president of Mindpower Sports, Dr. Bob has taught performance enhancement skills to actors, performers, and athletes at every level for decades.

Author of "The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf", Dr. Bob can also be seen regularly on The Golf Channel's “The Turn” and GolfWeek.com. He has also been featured in numerous national and international publications including Golf Week, Asian Golf Monthly, Golf Fitness, Michigan Golfer Magazine, Golf International Magazine, and PGA Tour Partners magazine.

Dr. Bob's conversational style, current material, and use of anecdotal stories and personal experiences creates an instant rapport with audiences of any size.

Dr. Bob has spoken to major associations, corporations, and organizations from many industries and takes great pride in providing a message that is not just heard but can be taken and applied in all aspects of one's life.

Whatever your occasion, whatever your location, Dr. Bob will educate, entertain, motivate and inspire your audience.

Click here to book Dr. Bob for your keynote address or Call 407-340-7785 Now.

Here are some of Dr. Bob's most requested topics by industry leaders around the world.

Becoming and Staying Positive:
The Battle for Your Mind and Your Life!

Dr. Robert Winters describes the power of the mind and why people tend to become negative and resist using their brainpower in an optimistic and positive way. Through sport psychology and simple educational perspectives, Dr. Winters will help you understand and develop a clearer understanding of why you tend to think negatively and how you can turn your thoughts and attitude into a positive and productive direction. An intriguing topic in which anyone who attends can enhance their performance base immediately!

Creating Mental and Emotional Toughness: What I Learned from an 86 Year Old Door-to-Door Salesperson

In a serendipitous meeting with a lifelong Fuller Brush salesman, Dr. Robert Winters reveals the secrets of super salesmanship and a detailed prescription for believing in yourself and your product. This topic will help everyone understand the value of getting to YES versus being affected by the negativity of hearing NO repeatedly! A wonderful presentation that has a powerful, yet simple message that everyone can understand and fully appreciate! This topic can be tailored to accommodate business and corporate clients and also sports and special interest groups.

Creating a Positive Focus for Life, Business and Pleasure: The Five Components of a Winner's Focus

Dr. Robert K. Winters discusses five simple components of a winning focus. These attributes are the components of fun, optimism, commitment, undivided attention and simplicity. Dr. Winters describes the value of using these five simple keys to attract success into anyone's life and help direct one's performance towards achieving their lifelong or short-term goals. An entertaining and informative presentation that will leave your audience transformed and inspired to turn their dreams into realities!

Walking, Talking and Acting Like a Champion: Three Vital Qualities of a Great Leader and Performer

Internationally recognized as a leading applied sport psychologist, Dr. Robert Winters reveals three vital characteristics that all great coaches, business executives and athletes possess. Believing in oneself, wanting to win but refusing to lose, and never giving up are presented with professional and personal anecdotes that Dr. Winters has witnessed and developed in his years of working with world-class athletes, college teams and corporate and business leaders. This powerful and moving presentation will help to turn a few heads of those who have become listless and uninspired via poor performance and help them re-discover their true performance potential!

I'm Going the Other Way! Taking Charge and Moving Apart from the Mediocre Mass!

Tired of being just “one of the crowd”? Is everyone moving somewhere in a positive direction other than you? If so, then this presentation is for you! Dr. Robert Winters describes the mindset of the “Average Thinkers” and helps you to break out of your conformity and professional/ personal staleness. Learn what true and enduring confidence really means. Also, find out why so many of the best performers in business and sport were often snubbed and ridiculed while striving for personal success. This presentation will help you (and your company) realize that if you are going in the direction of everyone else, you may not like where you end up! A great presentation for “shaking things up within your organization!”

"Coach Doesn't Believe in Me": Creating Value with Yourself when Others are Knocking You Down.

Sport Psychologist Dr. Robert K. Winters describes the distress and emotional fallout that can result when "the bottom line" is not met and everyone from bosses to co-workers feel that you aren't performing to your capacity. In this topic session, Dr. Winters describes how the truly great championship performers become great! Via the personal processes of digging in and sticking to their beliefs, top performers discover their “true selves” and continue to move onto bigger and better things….. While at the same time being misjudged, misevaluated and replaced by others. This is a “must – hear” presentation that will captivate your audience and connect with every listener in the crowd. Dr. Winters is at his best delivering this emotional tribute to the outstanding performer in each and every one of us and discovering that the only person you can really control and trust is yourself. A powerful and entertaining session that is suitable for all audiences and occasions.

Whatever your occasion, whatever your location, Dr. Bob will educate, entertain, motivate and inspire your audience.

Click here to book Dr. Bob for your keynote address or Call 407-340-7785 Now.

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