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Video Testimonials

Matt Plummer video testimonial Matt Plummer Winner of the IJGT Boy's 15-19 Division at Hershy Country Club
Matt Plummer winning twice on the tour after his working with Dr. Bob.
David Leadbetter video testimonial David Leadbetter, the world's #1 golf instructor.
Hear the "master of the art of teaching the golf swing" talk about the benefits of working with Dr. Bob.
Steve Marino Video Interview Steve Marino, PGA Tour player.
Steve talks about his progress in general and his feelings on some accomplishments and experiences.
Robbie Davis video testimonial Robbie Davis, Coach of Womens Golf at Florida Southern College
Robbie talks about the benefits gained from working with Dr. Bob.
Kevin Smeltz video testimonial Kevin Smeltz, Director of Instruction DLGA & Worldwide Director of Training and Certification
Kevin recommends players of all abilities take the opportunity to work with Dr. Bob.
Coach Guhne video testimonial Mark Guhne, Head Golf Coach UTC.
Coach Guhne praises Dr. Bob for helping his team climb to number 10 in the country.
Norm Ben video testimonial Norm Ben, Assistant Coach of Womens Golf at Florida Southern College
Norm talks about the value of assistance from Dr. Bob.
Jonathan Moore video testimonial Jonathan Moore, Professional Tour Player.
This former NCAA and Walker Cup Champion thanks Dr. Bob for his help.


Hear what Parents of Professional golfers have to say about Dr. Bob

Dear Dr. Bob,
I just wanted to thank you again for helping Matt get on the right track with the positive approach to his performance. My wife and I drove here this week to Florida with unknown feelings as we emabrked to watch his last Sunday tournament round.

However I must say in all the years I have watched him play, last Sunday, in terrible weather conditions was a day of total resolve. The first time ever I observed him to back off a few shots and go through his pre shot routine with a purpose and it was a pleasue to watch him around the course shot after shot or as he said "one one one until done". You have provided him with a good foundation which I hope he stays with this to gain more confidence.

We are so fortunate to have met you and your positive approach contributing to his continued success.

All the best,
- Bob D

Read what PGA professionals have to say about Dr. Bob

Dear Dr. Bob,
"What a pleasure it was to have you at Salisbury Country Club this past week! Your sincere approach to golf game wellness is really appreciated by everyone that you come into contact with. Teaching on the same tee with you made me feel proud to the golf instructor that I am. Your kind words, handshakes and smiles daily kept the atmosphere supercharged with positive energy. So many of our students here at the club have benefitted from your coaching. You have been an inspirational mentor to me, personally and I look forward to future meetings. Thank you again, for your visits and for all you do for the game and how we see ourselves playing it!"

- Adam Smith, PGA

Dear Dr. Bob,

Lauren Varnas Testimonial
"Ever since I came down to visit you, my golf game has improved tenfold. Two days ago, I shot a 70 to win a small tournament in NJ called the NJ Women's Public Links. Even though it was a small tournament, the win still felt great! I am now in Saratoga Springs, NY at a Collegiate Player's Tour event. I'm currently tied for third at 2 over with one more round tomorrow. I have been using the 40 ball warm-up routine and the pre-round putting routine before tournament play. It really is a great way to prepare both your mind and body for the competitive round ahead. I've also been able to get into a "zone" and really focus in on only the shot at hand. It's unbelievable how well I've been able to focus on my target. I'm really excited that everything is working so well and so quickly! I can't thank you enough for taking me under your wing and teaching me your methods. I can't wait to keep improving my game."
- Lauren Varnas

From interview at The Masters: April 7th, 2008 -
Click Here for the entire interview

Q. Last week your coach said that one of your toughest challenges for you on the golf course is controlling your emotions, your highs and your lows and you mentioned it earlier and you mentioned earlier just staying even keel. Do you think Thursday when you tee it up here, that will be your biggest test of managing highs and lows if there ever was one in golf?

A. Definitely. That's always been an issue for me. It was in junior golf, and that's one of the reasons I started working with my sports psychologist. Dr. Bob has been a huge help. He really kind of turned my game around. I was struggling in junior golf and went and saw him and had a couple sessions and turned things right around and started playing great, and worked with him ever since.

He's been very instrumental and that's one of the main things we talked about is maintaining an even keel, like you said, and not getting too excited about a good shot and not getting too down on yourself when you hit a bad shot, because you're not going to hit all perfect shots.

Just take the result and live with it and move on to the next shot, so it's going to be very important.

- Drew Weawver, 2007 British Amateur Champion
Click Here for the entire interview

"My favorite thing about working with Dr. Winters,
Is the passion that he brings to the conversation and to the golf course. Anytime we talk, I always walk away feeling inspired and rejuvenated. In my time with Dr. Winters, I have learned that all I can do is my very best. If I do that I have done all that I can do. This is something that Dr. Winters has stressed to me time and time again. He has also helped me understand the importance of playing one shot at a time. Really committing to the shot at hand is one thing that Dr. Winters has a great gift for communicating. I have heard numerous psychologists speak to this issue in the past, but I really believe that Dr. Winters has developed the most unique and effective way of playing one shot at a time. I have found that Dr. Winters has a great understanding for all aspects of the mental game because he has played at a very high level himself. Based on his credentials and my personal experience, I would recommend Dr. Winters to any golfer who wants to take his game to the next level."

- Ryan Posey, Played in 2006 U.S. Open as an Amateur, 2 Time Runner-Up at North and South Amateur, Ranked Top 25 Amateur in the Nation, Finished 3rd at 1st Stage of 2007 PGA Tour Qualifying

"Bob knows more about the psychology of great putting than anyone else in the world. He is light years ahead of his time in the field of sport science and golf psychology. His greatest gift has been his ability to communicate with athletes of all levels and to really touch people’s lives with his insights and thoughts. I haven’t met an athlete yet who has not benefited from being around him or his work."
- Michael Moraghan, Former University of Virginia Men’s Golf Coach

Thank you for the wonderful seminar you put on for us last night and the Florida PGA Section. I have to admit I was very impressed with you and your vast knowledge. Your words are magic and I hope that you pat yourself on the back every once in a while. I was so impressed by your presence and your obvious love of what you do."

- Phillip A. Jaffe, PGA Golf Professional

"Dear Dr. Winters,
As we near the end of our season, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the Golden Bear Tour. The success of the Tour is in large part due to your seminars and we truly appreciate your support."

- Rick Whitfield & Cindy Pearce, Tour Director and Tour Coordinator, Golden Bear Golf Tour

"Dear Dr. Bob,
Thank you for the time and attention you gave Ford this past week. I expected it to be good, but it was outstanding! Ford’s enthusiasm has sky-rocketed and his approach to the game is incredible. You have helped make a great impact on golf and on life in Ford’s life. We are looking forward to a long relationship and we can’t wait to see you again!"

- Clifford R. Fischer,Parent of Junior Golfer Ford Fischer

"Dear Dr. Bob,
"Dr. Winters has really impacted my mind set and changed the way I approach the game. I started working with Dr. Bob my freshman year in high school and each year have continued to succeed and improve as a player. I contribute a great deal of my success to Dr. Bob. He has helped me on and off the course since day one. I truly feel that I would not be the player or person I am today with out his guidance. I look up to Dr. Bob as one of my greatest mentors and friends and I appreciate all the help he has done for me."

- Chris Mullhaupt, University of Mississippi Men's Golf Team

"Dear Dr. Bob,
"Dr. Bob has helped me mature as a player and help improve my mental game. Working with him made me realize many things about the game that I have never thought about before."

- Nick Mullhaupt, University of Mississippi Men's Golf Team

"Dear Dr. Winters,
Thank you for two great days of instruction. What I got out of those two days is more than I usually get in a year! Everything that you taught me is already paying off. It has made a big, big difference in my game. I cannot wait to come and see you again!"

- Ford Fischer, Junior Golfer 12 years old

"Dear Dr. Winters,
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to address our General Managers Conference this past November. Your presentation was not only motivating, but also very inspirational to Meadowbrook as a Company and to each and every one of our employees. As we are aware, 2001 has had its upsets in regard to economic hard times and tragedy. It is comforting to know that you are there to help people prioritize their thoughts and motivate themselves through their most difficult times. We value your time and knowledge."

- Ron E. Jackson, CEO Meadowbrook Golf

"Bob, it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.
Andrew had an excitement for golf after working with you that I have not seen for a few months. As a Mom, it is a wonderful thing ---- to see your child extremely enthusiastic about something he loves. He said that he couldn’t wait to play today. Thanks so much for your time. We look forward to seeing the progress that Andrew and you make together."

- Rita Davidson, Mother of Junior Golfer Andrew Davidson

"Dear Bob,
Thank you for your time spent with me. I sincerely believe that this experience will take my game to a higher level. Your hospitality was much appreciated. I felt like a special person, and your kindness helped establish an early working relationship between teacher and student. Be assured I will discuss my experience with my many friends around the country. I will recommend it as an exceptional instructional experience!"

- William Rutledge, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon

"Bob, what a great presentation this past week! As I told you the other night, the response was very, very good. Thanks for all your support to the ECCPGA. I look forward to our personal and professional interaction in the future!"
Charlie King, PGA Professional and Author

"Dear Bob,
Thank you for always looking out for me while I was at the University of Virginia. I know that my parents would be saying the same thing if they were here: Thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have taught me a lot, not just about golf, but about life through the things that you said and did. I learned a lot from you and I have tried to take advantage of all that I could learn from you. As my favorite hymn says: "God be with you till we meet again.” Take care."

- Lewis Chitengwa,Former Virginia Cavalier All-American Golfer, Former Canadian Tour member, Always a Friend and student...forever and ever

"Dear Dr. Winters,
I would like to thank you for helping me prepare for the Oregon Amateur and the Royal Oaks Amateur. I feel that you were an essential part in my winning both of these prestigious tournaments. I look forward to the future and working with you and helping me attain all of my goals and dreams!"

- Jonathan Moore, Junior Golfer Portland, Oregon

"Dr. Bob,
I just had to write and tell you - I saw you last week at the Golf Fest in The Villages and you have transformed my game !! I am a very new golfer - I have been golfing for only 1 1/2 years and I was everything you described up there - all negative thoughts, worrying about everything. Well, I heard what you said and I have been playing the best golf I have ever played and not by a little but with a very noticeable improvement. I now have confidence, I see my ball flying to the green and I am hitting so much more consistently. The other thing that made a huge difference for me was to "play each shot". I was always thinking ahead to the end of the hole, even thinking what I had to score on the hole to reach a certain score for my round. I now play each shot like it is the only one. Not only am I scoring and playing much better but I am enjoying it so much more even when the shots are not so good. I find it amazing that just that short talk you gave made such a difference but...THANK YOU !!!"

- Nancy Max, Amateur Golfer, The Villages, Florida

"Dr. Bob,
First of all, it was our pleasure and honor to have you in the Richmond area and specifically Salisbury Country Club. We (Adam and I), pride ourselves in keeping up to date and on the cutting edge of technology, information, and instruction. That being said, your series of presentations were by far the most outstanding that I have experienced. We have received many comments and emails thanking us for putting together such a comprehensive program."

- Mike Hott, PGA Professional, Salisbury CC

Dr. Bob helps you get
your mind right
- David Leadbetter

He helps you work
through the things that
are challenging you...
- Jonathan Moore

Doc's brought so many
different things to each
individual, it's really helped
the whole program...
- Coach Guhne